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Maximizing the advantages of renewable energy

Nocart Ltd was established in 2010. Nocart Ltd’s original business concept was to produce a wide range of services for industrial automation. This included automation systems programming, user interface design, electrical design, consulting and training. The company recently started to develop solutions for the small power plants’ electricity needs. This was mainly due to two factors, first was the feedback from the developers and manufacturers of small power, that there was no cost-effective power generation solutions available in the market, the second reason was our desire to develop technology for more efficient ways to generate electricity from renewable energy sources and that way be part of the transformation towards a cleaner energy. Nocart offers solutions for small power plants. The Nocart Power Generation Unit can be connected with multiple different types of power units, such as wind turbines and solar panels. Our system is an economical and reliable choice for any conditions in the field of renewable energy. Installations can be found from farms, industrial estates and even developing countries’ village communities. We offer unique product for the production of high quality green electricity for all needs: own use, sale and backup power in small power plants anywhere there is a need for power production without access to a national grid. Connectivity to the SmartGrid of the future enables feeding and selling power back to the grid. Nocart can be connected to many types of own or external power sources: wind, water, wave, gas motor, sun, brake energy, waste, biofuel, manure from pig farms and hen houses, etc. for more information visit


Valopaa Limited

Valopaa Ltd. is LED lighting company based in Finland. They develop and produce LED light fittings for demanding environments. They have concentrated to lighting solutions which require high energy efficiency, long lifetime and easy maintenance. Valopaa Ltd. is located in Oulu, the high-tech city of Finland, known worldwide for telecommunications know-how. Their competence is based on wide experience of working in telecom and electronics industryand network partners have a long experience in mobile and base station product subcontracting. They utilize their technologies and processes. Valopaa has all the essential expertise in house for developing advanced LED lighting solutions. Its competences include lighting design and industrial design. Valopaa has also design know-how in mechanics, electronics and optics. It has experience also in reliability and thermal design. The LED light fixtures of Valopaa Ltd. are easily adaptable for use in many different places. The LED modules and LED light fixtures were originally developed for demanding use in road and street lighting. However, they are suitable also for many other lighting implementations. This part of these internet pages opens up all the different uses and applications of the VP LED light fixtures.





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